AnRic Little Montessori Room (AnRic LMR) is a FULL INTERNATIONAL MEMBER SCHOOL of the American Montessori Society (AMS). It was founded and created by moms at year of 2012.

Yinan, an AMS certified teacher and lifetime member of the organization, also has a dual masters degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education from New York University (NYU). She came back to Beijing from New York City a few years ago.While watching her own child grow during her first learning years, Yinan visited different preschools in Beijing. After careful deliberation, she decided to open her own classroom because she believes there are many things that can be improved upon in the early childhood education industry.

Sandra is the co-founder of AnRic LMR. She is a mother to a two and a half year old child and has a PhD in Economics. Sandra and Yinan were first brought together by their children, who attended the same extracurricular lesson. After getting to know each other, they found that they had much in common when it came to their beliefs and ideals regarding early childhood education and development. Together, they supported each other and built a little room which turned their ideals and dreams into reality.

After a period of thorough planning and preparation, Yinan and Sandra found the perfect location for their little Montessori room in Beijing’s CBD area. While the foundation of AnRic LMR is built on the Montessori method, it is much more than just a Montessori classroom. For the benefit of the children, it is a classroom which also draws from several good education philosophies for children, such as Reggio and Waldorf, to complement a basic Montessori foundation.

AnRic LMR is the product of two mothers’ hopes, dreams and hard work in providing the best, well-rounded and all-encompassing education they can give to all children alike.


   安杨蒙特梭利小屋(AnRic LMR)是美国蒙特梭利协会(AMS)的会员学校,它是由两位母亲于2012年创建的。
   Sandra是安杨蒙特梭利小屋的联合创始人,她拥有经济学博士学位,也是一名孩子的母亲。 Sandra和Yinan是因为孩子们参加了同样的课外活动而相识的,在互相了解后,她们发现彼此对于幼儿早期教育发展的信念和理想有许多的共同之处。于是,她们决定共同创立一个学校,把理想和梦想变成现实。

It is the policy and commitment of AnRic LMR that it does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, sex, national origin, physical or mental disability, or religion.

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